How to Transpose Music

This is a topic that can seem a little overwhelming to many musicians, including those that even play transposed instruments! The good news is that like most music theory, it’s not as hard as it initially appears. The bad news is that if you play a transposing instrument you are the one that will have to learn this, as a good portion of musicians these days play blissfully unaware in concert pitch. However, that’s not to say all students of music shouldn’t learn the basics of transposing. If you have any interest in composing music, even as a bedroom laptop music producer, knowing how to transpose will make your music sound that much better.

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Learning Popular Chord Progressions

Learning Chord Progressions

As we were studying intervals you may have noticed a lot of song examples for each particular ascending or descending step quantities. After the intervals, we started stacking notes on top of each other to get chords. Once again, we realized there are only so many ways to stack these notes before we start repeating them. Our next step is to put these chords together in ways that appeal to our ears and moods. We are going to learn chord progressions. In some cases, they follow very similar rules, just as the first or root and fifth note fit well when played together so do the first and fifth chord. And like intervals and chords, it isn’t an incredible amount to have to remember either. 

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The Beginners Guide to the Saxophone

The saxophone has been through a bit of a roller coaster ride in the realm of popular music. Ever since the technological explosion of recorded music, it has made its mark on a variety of musical genres. The heyday of the sax is quite potentially the 50’s and 60’s period. During this era, the saxophone was blowing the lid off bebop and heavily used in the rock n roll that took the world by surprise.

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Top 5 Best Alto Saxophones for Beginners

Buyer’s Guide of the Top 5 Best Alto Saxophones for Beginners

There are a lot of instruments in the world; each with its own unique sound. The saxophone is considered one of the most popular instruments to learn. However, we also think it is the sexiest sounding instrument in the world. If you are thinking about learning the saxophone, but unsure of where to start, fear not, for we have compiled a list of the Top 5 Best Alto Saxophones for Beginners. 

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