Top 10 Digital Pianos Under $500 in 2019

Buyer’s Guide of the Top 10 Best Digital Pianos Under $500.

When the first digital piano released to the public, they were heavy, expensive and lacked the realistic sound of an acoustic piano.

However, over the years digital pianos have evolved and reached a middle-ground between portability, quality, and price. Some even rivaling the sound of $10,000 grand pianos, at a fraction of the price.

If you’re interested and buying a digital piano, we have you covered with our Buyer’s Guide of the Top 10 Best Digital Pianos Under $500.

1. Yamaha PSR-E-363

Yamaha PSR-E-363

The Yamaha PSR-E-363, isn’t an attractive-looking keyboard, however, comes with a decent amount of unique features, making this keyboard is good for beginners.

Sound Quality

The Yamaha PSR-E-363 creates a wide stereo image on the speakers with its ultra-wide stereo effect. This means players can create a wider sound, making it ideal for live performances.

Furthermore, it has several digital effects, such as equalizer settings that allow sound editing and a melody suppressor.

Sensitivity and Realism

The Yamaha PSR-E-363 is not a full-size keyboard, and it doesn’t have weighted keys, meaning it won’t have the same feel as an acoustic piano.

Other features and specifications

With over 500 voices, 100 styles, and recording capability, players can create sounds that matches their style of play. Additionally, the built-in USB port allows players to connect with other devices and applications; and can sync with an iPhone or iPad to remotely control sound.


  • Large number of voices and styles
  • Touch Sensitivity


  • Requires 6 AA Batteries
  • Only 61 keys
  • Limited Chord and Duo Playback

2. Yamaha NP-12B

Yamaha NP-12B

The Yamaha Piaggero NP-12 is a well-designed piano, costing much less than most digital pianos and making it a great choice for beginners.

Sound Quality

The sound of the NP12 was recorded using Yamaha’s Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) technology. This enables the subtle nuances of an acoustic piano to be captured, resulting in the NP12 having a rich sound quality.

Sensitivity and Realism

Given its weight, the NP12B has great key action. Despite the NP12B only have 61 keys, its keyboard is weighted and because of this, it doesn’t have the loud clacking sound of lower-quality keyboards.

Other features and specifications

The NP-12 includes 550 voices, reverb and double layer effects, an integrated metronome, 20 preset songs, a pedal, and much more. Only weighing 5.6 kg (12 lbs), which makes it a highly portable instrument for traveling.


  • Compact Size & lightweight
  • Soft Touch Keyboard
  • Enhanced Sound Quality


  • Keys are a slightly small

3. Yamaha YPG-235

Top 10 Best Digital Pianos: Yamaha YPG-235
Yamaha YPG-235

The Yamaha YPG-235 is an incredibly affordable digital keyboard that comes equipped with all the powerful features that have made Yamaha keyboards so popular.

The YPG-235 only weighs 13 kg (23 lbs) making it very portable and although lightweight, the Yamaha YPG-235 still provides realistic sound when playing, making it a popular choice for musicians who want a great keyboard to take on the go.

Sound Quality

Yamaha is an industry leader when it comes to replicating acoustic sounds. The YPG-235 is equipped with the latest sound recording and production innovations.

Yamaha’s Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) technology is capable of reproducing the sounds with nuanced notes. Its digital signal processing enhances sound with sophisticated digital effects such as harmony, reverberation, and chorus.

The YPG-235’s two-speaker system has separate woofers and tweeters that provide a lot of volume and deliver each note with precision and clarity. These speakers also create a true stereo effect that adds realism and spatial depth.

Sensitivity and Realism

Yamaha’s Graded Soft Touch (GST) keyboard provides less resistance than some of its other keyboards. The YPG-235’s keyboard is not completely suspended, but helps keep the weight of the instrument low. The GST keyboard is also graduated, meaning that the lower keys have more resistance than the upper keys.

Other features and specifications

The YPG-235 comes with over 400 different voices, split mode and dual-mode allowing players to split voices or put them in layers.

Additional features include dozens of digital effects, a built-in metronome, hundreds of self-accompaniment styles, and Yamaha’s propriety Education Suite.

The Yamaha YPG-235 76-key Premium pack also comes with an AC power adapter, an easy to fold stand, and a pair of headphones for the built-in headphone jack.


  • Improved number of settings and features
  • Includes headphone and AC adapter
  • Includes stand


  • Not a full-size keyboard
  • Soft Touch could be too light for some

4. Yamaha NP-32

Best Digital Piano: Yamaha -NP-32
Yamaha NP-32

The Yamaha NP32 is a high quality and affordable digital keyboard an excellent instrument for beginners or traveling musicians. It’s an updated version of the Yamaha NP31 and retains many features from its predecessor.

At 15 kilos, this 76-key digital piano is light enough to be easily carried anywhere. One of its features is the Graded Soft Touch (GST) that provides a more realistic sense of touch in key presses.

Sound Quality

Similar to previous Yamaha’s on this list, the NP-32 sampled its sound using Yamaha’s Advanced Wave Memory (AWM) technology.

Thanks to this innovative stereo sampling system, Yamaha can capture every intricate detail of the original instrument and download it to the pianos sound engine.

The piano has a bold and rich sound that is unrivaled among most portable keyboards. The only disadvantage against the sound of the NP32 is the speakers are quite. This is an easy fix if you use headphones or buy an amplifier.

Sensitivity and Realism

To maintain the NP32 lightness and low price, Yamaha has opted to use a GST keyboard instead of Graded Hammered Standard (GHD).

This makes the key action of the NP32 feel light, but not enough to take away realism. The keyboard is graduated, which means that the bass keys have more resistance than treble keys.

Other features and specifications

The NP32 includes some upgraded features compared to the previous models, most notably, USB to host connectivity instead of MIDI.

Other features are integrated headphone jack, 10 different voices, an integrated metronome, 4 types of reverberation effects, integrated demo songs and other useful settings.


  • Easy to carry
  • Responsive keyboard
  • Useful settings for musicians of all levels


  • Weak speakers

5. Casio Privia PX-150

Under $500 - Casio PX-150
Casio Privia PX-150

An excellent piano that adapts to your budget. The PX-150 comes with many features and excellent quality. This great quality-price relationship that drives the PX-150 so high on our list.

Sound Quality

This keyboard has been equipped with a new sound engine, one that has three times the memory of its predecessor.

This means that the PX-150 is capable of producing many more nuances and tones of an acoustic piano, making it sound similar to acoustic pianos.

Combine this with a new damper resonance simulator that replicates the sound of a hammer hitting a string, and the sound of the PX-150 becomes impeccable.

Keyboard sensitivity and realism

The PX-150 is almost like playing an acoustic piano. This statement shouldn’t be taken lightly since digital pianos are distinguished by the way they feel; especially by an experienced musician.

The graduated and weighted action of the keys almost perfectly reproduces the way acoustic keys feel, and textured keys adds to the authenticity.

Other features and specifications

There are several other details of the PX-150 musicians will enjoy. One of them is USB connectivity, which allows you to connect the piano to a Mac or Windows computer and, through the USB MIDI compatible class. It also allows you to use the piano as a controller for the Apple iPad.

The PX-150 has a selection of 18 tones. The last thing to keep in mind is polyphony. The higher the polyphony of a piano, the more notes it can contain at the same time. The PX-150 is capable of 128 polyphony notes, allowing you to play even the most complex pieces.


  • Realistic and weighted “hammer action”
  • Textured keys
  • 128 polyphony notes


  • Not a “furniture” looking piano

6. Casio Privia PX-160BK

Under $500 - Casio Privia PX-160BK
Simplistic, but powerful – Casio Privia PX-160BK

Casio has paid attention to the smallest details of this piano, and as a result, has designed one of the best digital pianos under $500.

Sound Quality

The sound produced by the PX-160 integrates four separate layers of stereo piano sampled through Casio’s “Linear Morphing System”.

This results in simulating an acoustic grand piano. Furthermore, the PX-160 has 128 polyphony notes, allowing you to play the most complex of musical pieces.

The PX-160 uses a system called, “Acoustic Resonance DSP” to simulate the sound of open strings imitate the effect of the pedal on a real piano.

Additionally, the PX-160 comes with a set of high-quality speakers. For a digital keyboard, the sound of the PX-160 is very impressive and will please even the most trained ears.

Sensitivity and Realism

In acoustic pianos, the keys located at the lower end have more resistance than the keys located at the upper end.

This is a detail many digital pianos don’t replicate; however, the PX-160 perfectly mimics this effect. This results in key action becoming more expressive and realistic than other keyboards.

In addition, this keyboard has an adjustable response level and has the award-winning Casio Tri-Sensor technology that accurately detects the hardness of the pressed keys and produces appropriate volume feedback.

The only negative against the PX-160’s keyboard is an almost inaudible whistle can be heard when playing. Although it isn’t distracting, we believe it’s worth pointing out.

Other features and specifications

The PX-160 comes with 16 built-in voices and can be divided or split into layers. Additionally, it includes a music library of 60 songs. The PX-160 piano has USB inputs/outputs, two headphone connections, a damper pedal and a pedal connector, and two 8W speakers.


  • Realistic touch
  • Great for live performances


  • Subtle squeak when pressing keys

7. Casio CDP-240

Top 10 Digital Pianos under $500: Casio CDP-240
Digital Piano: Casio CDP-240

The Casio CDP-240 is an weighted 88 key piano that emulates the feel of playing on a real grand piano. This keyboard weighs 19 kg (42.3 lbs) and comes with three weighted key options.

Sound Quality

Its 16W on-board speakers give a high-quality sound emission and has two audio outputs for headphones.

This piano comes with 152 built-in songs and 700 tones. Additionally, different variations of pianos, organ, guitar and bass, are just some of the tones you can expect to find on this piano. It also has a bank of 152 built-in songs and 200 auto-accompaniment rhythms.

Sensitivity and Realism

The weighted keys allow you to select from three different weights and can amend your playing by selecting the weight that feels most comfortable for your style of playing.

Other features and specifications

CDP-240’s Music Challenges is a feature that’ll help you improve your skills. Players have to press the notes that are shown as quickly as possible making it a fun way to practice simple music theory.

Furthermore, the CDP-240 features 100 demo songs and 50 exercises, for those looking for more incentive to learn how to play.

Additionally, you’ll also find effects, external sound input, and recording functions, which can be saved to an external SD card and be uploaded online. Or players can load songs on the piano.

It also has a USB port to connect the CDP-240 to your MIDI devices.An important thing to point out about the Casio CDP-240 is that it weighs 19 kg (42.3 lbs), placing it significantly above average among its competitors.

Since it weighs nearly 20 pounds more than other similar digital pianos, players should take this into consideration if you plan on traveling.


  • Highly affordable
  • Excellent for beginners
  • Two audio outputs for headphones
  • Wide range of sounds and effects


  • Some may find it heavy to carry around

8. Yamaha P-45

Top Best Pianos under $500 - Yamaha P45B
Yamaha P-45

The Yamaha P-45 is very popular with beginners and experienced pianists who seek simplistic functionality with higher sound quality.

Sound Quality

Each key has been sampled and tested through AWM single key sampling technology and creating a deep and rich sound. The P-45 is capable of 64 polyphony notes.

In addition to polyphony, the keys of the P-45 are tuned to the sound of an acoustic piano using advanced wave memory stereo sampling (AWM) technology, which keeps the sound crisp and clear throughout performances and gives a more authentic sound.

Sensitivity and Realism

Each key is designed to have a real weight. The P-45 has the same type of feel of an acoustic keyboard, meaning, lighter keys on the treble, and heavier keys in the bass on the lower.

Therefore, if you are switching from an acoustic piano, there isn’t an extreme difference in reproduction.

The matte color design of the keys ensures that no risk of “finger slips” when playing for extended periods.

Four key sensitivity settings allow the player to have an optimal playing style.

Other features and specifications

The Yamaha P-45 has a single button to change between different types of piano; a dual-mode for mixing two instruments; and USB connectivity, which allows you to connect to different software, hardware, educational systems and recording systems.
Yamaha’s P-45 also has 10 voices for you to choose from.

Despite the limited number of voices, the Yamaha P45B offers great diversity for the price and offers many different options for beginners. Additionally, there are also 10 preset songs and 10 demos.

Weighing 15.6 kg (34 lbs), the Yamaha P-45 is compact and portable. It also includes a foot pedal, a stand, and headphones.


  • No sound sacrifice
  • GHS weighted keys
  • Great for beginners and experienced pianists


  • Not designed for recording music

9. Roland FP-10-BK

Best Piano Under $500 - Roland FP-10-BK

For many years, Roland has been manufacturing expensive and high-end digital pianos for those who only want the best in terms of sound, touch and external aesthetics. Unfortunately, these pianos are expensive.

To fill this void, Roland has introduced the FP-10-BK; a piano that retains many of the great features found in Roland’s high-end models, while reducing the cost and keeping Roland’s attractive design.

Sound Quality

Roland’s acclaimed sound engine ensures that FP-10 recordings are as close as possible to the real sounds of an acoustic piano.

The FP-10 offers 128 polyphony notes, which means you can play almost any piece without cutting any of the notes prematurely.

Sensitivity and Realism

On an acoustic piano, the keys (especially those at the lower ends) have more resistance when pressed.

To replicate this tactile sensation, Roland has endowed the FP-10 with 88 keys and a touch that simulates the sound of an acoustic piano.

Therefore; for people who are used to playing on an acoustic piano, the FP-10 provides a very smooth transition.

Furthermore, one thing about the FP-10 keys that most people will appreciate is its synthetic ivory texture that absorbs moisture, feels more natural, and produces less noise than plastic keys.

Other features and specifications

The FP-10 has a USB Type-B connection used for transferring MIDI files between the piano and computer, USB Type-A memory connection and headphone jack input. It also has integrated wireless connection Bluetooth 4.0.

Another feature is the keyboard modes: full, dual, split and double piano which divides the keyboard into two sections that are the same octave range and converts the left pedal into a second “soft” pedal. This feature is very useful for duos or teacher demonstration purposes.

The Roland FP-10 includs a hook for storing headphones, USB playback of audio files (WAV 44.1 / 16 bits) and MIDI that allows you to connect to a Mac or PC.

Other features include, a metronome, built-in recorder, 30 unique voices, auto power-off function, and built-in lesson songs.

The FP-10 comes in black and weighs 14 kg (40 lbs).


  • Dual headphone jacks
  • Large list of instrument sounds


  • Some might find the keys too heavy

10. Yamaha YPG-535

Top Digital Piano: Yamaha YPG-535

The 88-key Yamaha YPG-535 keyboard is one of Yamaha’s most popular keyboards. It has an attractive back-lit LCD screen and many other features that allow players to use the piano for a wide variety of applications and play styles.

Sound Quality

This YPG-535 is capable of producing 500 different voices, including 361 of Yamaha’s XGlite vocals, giving you more than enough variety to choose from.

All these voices are heard through the 12-inch speakers with 6W amplifiers, resulting in a large resonant volume,making the sound quality of the YPG-535 is impressively realistic.

Whether you’re learning to play on this piano or using it in live presentations, the speakers, selection of voices and sound quality well above the standard.

Sensitivity and Realism

As expected, The YPG-535 comes with a GST (Graded Soft Touch) keyboard that provides a realistic and enjoyable action.

Other features and specifications

An advantage of the YPG-535 is that it comes with the Yamaha Education Suite, an award-winning program used to teach new pianists.

In addition, the YPG-535 comes with a 6-track sequencer, an expandable music database, a touch setup that gives you a recommended voice depending on the style you are playing, an attractive back-lit LCD screen and USB connectivity, and dozens of other modes.


  • Wide range of sounds settings
  • Realistic and high-quality sound
  • Good for beginner, intermediate and advanced pianists


  • Unattractive design
  • Subtle clicking noise on keys

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