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Who The Hell is Yucco Miller?!? (ユッコ・ミラーって誰?!?)

Hello Guys and Gals, It’s your boy Spud here, and I have another episode of “Who The Hell Is!”

Today’s video will introduce us to Yucco Miller (ユッコミラー)! I recently talked about Yucco’s latest Saxophone Album, Colorful Drops, and believe now is a great time to discuss in more detail the life of this amazing saxophonist! People think Jazz is dying, but Yucco is among one the many saxophonists who are bringing new life into the genre. She’s had the opportunity to study with some of the greatest saxophonists of our time, such as Eric Marienthal, and Candy Dulfer.

Even though people would tell Yucco, “no”, she would still push through to make her dream as a professional saxophonist come true. So let’s take a look at what inspired Yucco to fall in love with Saxophone and Jazz. So without further ado… LET’S DIVE ON IN!


Yucco Miller’s Website (Japanese Only) https://www.yuccosax.com Buy Yucco Miller’s CD with the affiliate link below:

Colorful Drops: https://www.cdjapan.co.jp/aff/click.cgi/PytJTGW7Lok/6468/A692857/product%2FKICJ-90850?s_ssid=e34bc86170db602af2 (Affiliate Link)


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